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Wish You Were Here

Cotton Candy and a Rotton Mouth

September 3rd, 2012

I did what now? @ 10:33 pm

and knows the way i feel about you: bouncy bouncy
everybody knows the way i talk: Gin Wigmore - Don't Stop

I wrote a shippers manifesto for het_reccers.

You should click on the pic and check it out!

August 12th, 2012

I'm just going to post lists of random crap from here on out... @ 01:40 pm

and knows the way i walk: North Vancouver
and knows the way i feel about you: bouncy bouncy
everybody knows the way i talk: Grace Potter & The Nocturnals - Timekeeper

I have decided to attempt to post at least once a month... So, here is a list of random fact about me.

1. I really suck at crossword puzzles. Unless its the ridiculously easy ones in the back of trashy celebrity magazines. Or someone asks me the questions out loud.

2. I am a superstar at suduko. I can't do maths to save my life, but I see patterns, in numbers especially.

3. I am still obsessed with Iron Man. I'm really not sure how it happened.

4. I am distressed at the fact that Demonoid has gone down. Not because I'm worried about getting sued or anything (though, um, yes, that would suck) but because now I have NFI about where I should dl all my stuff!

5. I live in a house with no TV, but there are 2 desktops, 4 laptops, 5 iPads, 3 iPhones and 1 nook. There are 3 of us in the house.

6. Other than the James Bond cameo at the opening ceremony, I did not see anything from the Olympics. I did however watch Nadia Comaneci's 1976 perfect 10 routine on YouTube.

7. When I get homesick, I listen to classic oz rock, like Cold Chisel. It makes it worse, not better.

8. Sometimes I contemplate seriously trying the online dating thing... But then can't decide what service I should use so I don't do it.

9. I often wish I was a) more motivated and b) prepared to actually spend money on things that do motivate me.

10. I do not like it when musicians cross genres to do cameos. Which is a surprise cause I actually like all genres. But like I can't have hot and cold food on the same place, I can no listen to country artists cameo in a rock song.

June 7th, 2012

I'm Still Alive Eh! @ 08:51 pm

and knows the way i walk: Vancouver
and knows the way i feel about you: tired tired
everybody knows the way i talk: Hoodoo Gurus - Down On Me

Right, so commenting on an entry a moment ago I realised it has been something like 2 years since I posted here... So hi! I'm not dead. Now I shall catch you up on my life in a very short list that is in no kind of order what so ever (and in no way a complete run down of the past 2 years, I'm lucky if I can remember most of what's happened in the past 2 weeks).

1. I am in Canada eh! Living in Vancouver eh! It's ridiculously pretty here despite near constant rain. I kind of love it. I've been here just over 2 months. Now I need to find more permanent accommodations. I leased a place for 3 months, right on Robson which is smack in the middle of Downtown and is stupid expensive.

2. Since the last post I have had one awesomely spectacular job as a personal assistant at a charity that raised money to cure kids cancer... I probably would have been happy in that job for a long while yet... but I have to come to Canada or lose the opportunity (I'm old now yo, they only give out visa's to the youngens). I now have a new job here in Vancouver as a Household Manager/Cook and holy crap, finding work here is stupid hard (and I'm fussy).

3. For a while I was getting sick and staying sick... Like, I'd get a cold in the office from someone... They'd be sick 2 days, I'd be down for a week... That sort of thing and a whole bunch of other health concerns had me go to a Naturopath/Doctor who ordered many many blood tests. Turns out I have Celiacs Disease and am allergic to a whole bunch of things (like yoghurt and cranberries, who the fuck is allergic to yoghurt?! No one! Not that I'm complaining, I don't actually like yoghurt. Or cranberries.) So I cut all gluten from my life and have not been sick since. Due to the Celiacs and not digesting/absorbing my food properly I am incredibly deficient in just about every vitamin and nutrient you can imagine so for 6 months I have to take supplements, 7 times a freaking day. It's expensive and annoying to remember them.

4. Thanks to a couple of "food poisoning" moments (that involved copious amounts of revolting liquids, smells, sounds and me locking myself in a bathroom for 6 hours and being unable to move the next day due to muscle pain) that couldn't actually have been food poisoning (cause I wasn't the only one who ate the food) and then one moment where before the revoltingness I broke out into a rash and swelled up and went numb in places I went and paid another Dr something like $600 to poke me with a tray full of needles all over my arms. Turns out I am deathly allergic to something in wheat and now have to carry an epipen with me everywhere. Which now that I can't eat it at all due to the Celiacs means that I have absolutely NO tolerance at all... The first time I accidentally ate something with wheat flour in it after about 2 months of being gluten free, I was instantly throwing up. At least I didn't have to use the damn epipen.

5. I still obsess over tv and movies... I read a lot of fic, I'm just not involved in fandom anymore. It's both awesome and sad... Awesome, cause I actually have time to have a life! Sad, cause I've made some fantastic friends though fandom... Some of whom are people I still talk to on a daily/weekly/regular basis... I love making friends through fandom... I'm an incredibly shy person, I hate meeting new people, I hate making small talk and that whole getting to know people crap... Fandom takes those issues away, gives you some common ground to play with, and if things don't go well then you still have some anonymity and a computer between you and all that crippling self doubt and awkward social situation that turn me into the most inappropriate person you've ever met (like for serious, one time I met a bunch of my housemates friends and I made a joke about a dildo shaped like the virgin Mary). In anycase, my main obsession these days is Tony Stark (aka Iron Man, aka Robert Downey Jr beefed up and got stupid hot) and Pepper Potts (aka Rescue, aka Gwyneth Paltrow in a role where I don't want to rip her eyes out).

6. I'm really into sewing these days, but now in Canada I have no machine. One day soon I will buy one and go nuts. Or you know, finish the projects I bought from home that are incomplete.

That is the end of the list... Scintillating no?

Perhaps my next post will be sometime before 2014...

January 14th, 2011

A to Z of everything. @ 12:20 pm

and knows the way i feel about you: cheerful cheerful
everybody knows the way i talk: Mr Whippy - Moving further away.

A - Amazon. On which I am buying books!! About Canada.

B - Budget. I used to have one... Then I went to Sydney and blew it all to hell.

C - Camera. I keep meaning to play with my lenses cause camera-shop-guy said I could swap what I already have... but, lazy.

D - Devon Rex. I want so badly. But I am grown up and responsible and won't be getting one until I'm really grown up and responsible and have a job and shit. I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him and call him Gizmo.

E - Eliot Spencer. Oh how I heart you so Mr Grumpy Pants! And oh, Christian Kane how I avoid everything you say in real life so I don't figure out just how big a moron you are. I like your music though.

F - Facebook. Recently its like it has its own timestream... I'm on the site for like, 30 mins, but 3 hours has passed in the real world.

G - Gale. My mother. Laughs at me all the time. At me, not with me.

H - Hardison, Alec. He's so geeky. And fabulous. Loves a good Geekspiral, might be a virgin (at least according to Eliot), should fix that by having sex with Eliot. And Parker. At the same time.

I - I. I am totally awesome.

J - Job. I need one.

K - Karma Chameleon. I was going to write something about Karma kicking me in the face, but then the song came into my head and it won't. go. away. "Karma Karma Karma Karma Karma Chameleon, You come and gooo, you come and gooo oh oh ooh". *Is sharing the love*

L - Leverage. I'm obsessing so hard right now, its rediculous. So hard I'm even thinking about writing fic, which, no (theres a plot already and everything! Bah). Also, the show should totally be the OT3 show. (Also see E, H & P).

M - Mr Whippy! I can hear him now... and the kids across the street screaming... I. Must. Have. Now. (Have had now, and ugh... so full and I only had a single!)

N - Nook. I love my nook so hard!! Especially since I discovered you can download fic from AO3 as a .epub file!! This is how to overdose on a fandom in the best way possible!

O - Online shopping. Is really pretty shit in Oz... But I manage it anyways. The waiting for delivery is hard. I'm SUCH an instant gratification kinda girl. Meanwhile I just this minute got a delivery!

P - Parker. How adorable is she? I mean really!

Q - Queensland. How fucking depressing, but really can we complain, I mean, compared to Brazil and all...

R - Ryan Adams. III/IV !! *is giddy* So I had to spend a fortune to buy it here in Oz, but it was all sold out online dammit!! Oh, Baby Daddy, how I love thee.

S - Scanning. I scanned a bunch of old family papers today and there were lots of names I couldn't pronounce and German towns I've never heard of. My great grandpa was a Light Horse Man and my grandpa fought in Africa (WWII) and Korea and my uncle stole my other uncles birth certificate and fought in Vietnam when he was 15. Its interesting. Doesn't explain where I come across my issues with authority.

T - Test, blood. I had one today. I was very brave and didn't cry or faint or yell at the pathologist or even make someone hold my hand and they took like 5 vials! Pretty damn good for someone who's phobic of needles! Now I have a red sticky patch from the bandaid cause I'm allergic to latex.

U - Updating my iPod. I need to do it soon... So much new music to listen too!! (I totally caved and downloaded Ke$ha, fuck her and her fucking catchy pop music). I currently have enough music that I could listen to it for 30 days straight 24/7 and not have a single repeat. That's without the update... Think that's excessive?

V - Vancouver. Soon my precious... I will be with you soon... I keep watching shows on it, last night it was Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations and I can tell you at least 4 places I'll be eating at when I get there. Plus, ziplineing! (Which was always on the cards but now might happen like, every other day.)

W - Waffle Maker. I need one! To make macadamia waffles with red berry sauce, with or without icecream. Mmmm. And cinnamon waffles. And. And

X - Does anyone really have an X word in their every day life? No.

Y - Yes!! Apparently the next Southern Vampire Mysteries book (or Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood book to you late comers/philistines) has an actual plot!! Who'da thunk it? (Also an amusing side, Amazon has tags and stuff for books... and for the newest Anita Blake book, one of the tags is Meteoric Fail. Brilliant.)

Z - Zuckerberg. I finally saw 'The Social Network' which was pretty hilairous really, but mostly I came out of it thinking, if Zuckerberg had just sucked it up and appologised to Eduardo, he'd have forgiven him everything!! But no, Zuckerberg is a petty pussy.

(Edited for link failage)

December 15th, 2010

Oh man... @ 01:00 pm

and knows the way i feel about you: bouncy bouncy

I just saw the preview for Fast & Furious 5... And I think my ovaries exploded from hot and pretties and wow.

November 12th, 2010

Criminal Minds S06E08 @ 11:11 pm

and knows the way i feel about you: drained drained

Serious thoughts? Really?Collapse )

Oh the upside, lots of Garcia. This is always good. I will even give the spin-off a try for her.

October 8th, 2010

So slack... @ 09:28 pm

and knows the way i feel about you: tired tired
everybody knows the way i talk: Washington - Rich Kids

I had planned a big long list about all the TV shows I'm watching (it's disturbingly long) and what I thought about them... but I'm too tired and lazy to do so today (also Criminal Minds has me a bit bummed with the whole JJ thing). Instead let me tell you of my Love (yes, with capital L) for SyFy channels (still hating how they're spelling it these days) Haven...

I Love it!!! Haven is by far my favourite new show this year... It's probably my favourite over most old returning shows. Its a kooky little show that seems a strange/charming mix of Gilmore Girls, Twin Peaks and X-Files. Its based on a Stephen King book The Colorado Kid (I know, but really, don't hold that against it) and is quite simply, fantastic! Its got brilliant characterisation, they acutally have continuity for plot AND characterisations in a way I have NEVER seen before. More than that, while classed as a 'supernatural drama', I really enjoy the humour or it. Also, Eric Balfour is half-naked a lot...

Haven has already been picked up for Season 2 (YAY) and I recommend watching ASAP!!

September 10th, 2010

A letter... @ 07:40 pm

and knows the way i feel about you: contemplative contemplative

Dear Meredith Monroe,

Who are you?!?

Are you Pacey's crazy girlfriend or Hotch's dead ex-wife?

Whoever you are, you are freaking hot at 43!



September 7th, 2010

Regression... @ 08:33 pm

and knows the way i feel about you: amused amused
everybody knows the way i talk: Random song on DVD

I am watching Dawson's Creek on DVD...

Pacey Witter is totally way more awesone than Dawson, always was, always will be!

September 2nd, 2010

Please Explain @ 11:06 am

and knows the way i feel about you: confused confused

People, explain to me what LJ is doing now? In really simple terms and like, step by step process... Something about Twitter and FaceBook?

Wish You Were Here

Cotton Candy and a Rotton Mouth