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I like to travel... I've rested my weary ass on 5 of the 7 continents so far... likely I will only ever reach 6 cause I have no desire to get frostbite or go anywhere NEAR Antarctica.

I like to write fic... but I'm not particularly prolific or consistent. I have about 13 unfinished fics on my hard drive from various fandoms waiting my attention.

I ramble. A LOT. I tend to write like I talk, which is with a LOT of commas cause punctuation is for pussies. I never make much sense... can barely form a cohesive sentance let alone a cohesive argument.

I always have music on... unless the tv is on, naturally... But I am almost never without music and I listen to pretty much everything... Rock, Pop, Country, Rap, Punk, Swing, Big Band... Not too fond of the doof-doof trance stuff though.

My goal in life is to one day grow up disgracefully... So far, I'm well on my way to the disgraceful part, not so much the grow up part though. And, I'm okay with that!

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